From Prototype to series production

Since 1995 our company has focused on specialist automotive wiper systems. It began in the mid 1980’s through our own individual passions of motor sports and street used sports cars. This then developed into a serious business.

We are not only concerned with the conventional automotive industry, but also with manufacturers of municipal vehicle, combat vehicles, mini and midi buses, armoured cash-in-transit vehicles and large motor homes.

At our company in Duisburg, which is located in the heart of Germany where precision engineering has become a tradition over the last century, we can develop your wiper system from your initial product vision, through 3D design development to serial production. The range of products available is as varied as our range of customers themselves. We utilise a 3D CAD design system with synchronous technology and have the in-house experts available to create your first prototype. It does not matter if your wiper system is only very small, or simply a spare parts requirement, we are able to supply you with your requirements within short time parameters.

Windscreen wipers


Furthermore, as lightweight materials play an increasing greater role in all future developments, reducing CO2 emissions is the keyword and is a vital aspect for all vehicles, while retaining durability and wear resistance in all kinds of environments. Therefore, we use aluminium, magnesium, high-performance plastic as polymer bearings and spherical bearings, tribologically optimized and 100 % lubrication free. Besides this, we are able to provide you with our special 3D Laser measurement unit (confirming to the EEC standard 78/318/EWG), enabling us to find out in advance of a expensive approval if there is any problem with your visual wiper field, to get the EEC 78/318/EWG permission.

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